Residential & Commercial Insulation Services

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Commercial Energy Audit Service

Energy auditing offers insight into a facility’s potential waste from mechanical systems and insulation.

Heat loss and gain where mechanical insulation is lacking can cost your facility money, and energy costs are likely to continue rising. When process heating and cooling is part of your building system, you can see return in months on simple upgrades like valve covers. Optimizing your insulation levels can also put less demand on pumps and motors, reducing runtime and increasing life expectancy.


  1. Facility Walk-through
    G & R auditors will visit the facility, and measure all heating and cooling pipes and equipment for size and surface temperature. These measurements will be used to provide specific upgrade and replacement recommendations.
  2. Custom Calculations
    Based on our measurements, G & R auditors will calculate energy loss and compile cost savings data to make recommendations for your facility.
  3. Reporting & Presentation
    G & R auditors will provide a detailed report and present your IRR and simple paybacks, helping you to visualize your investment in mechanical insulation and systems.
    Once the report has been reviewed and approved, we can install the recommended measures. With all our services in-house, we eliminate the procurement process, engineers, and sub trades, making the process more efficient.